Guided Meditation for Anxiety (Part 2)



In the first article about the relationship between Anxiety and Meditation we established what meditation is and how it can benefit you, so hopefully by now you are convinced that you should at least give it a go.  This article will now look at the techniques of mindfulness meditation and help you to get started with the practice.

Some words of advice before we begin.  We will be exploring a few different techniques.  We encourage you to read each one and put them into practice.  If you find that one technique didn’t have any effect or didn’t resonate with you that is completely fine.  Try not to be too hard on yourself.  Simply move onto the next technique.  Meditation takes time.  Rather than forcing meditation on your body and mind, try to enjoy and embrace the process.  You never know what unexpected benefits you will find.

Now let’s jump straight into HOW to meditate mindfully and really take control over managing your anxiety.