Meditation and Anxiety – Top 6 Affordable Tools for Meditation and Anxiety (Part 3)


Welcome to our third instalment of our series looking at the relationship between mindfulness meditation and anxiety.

Now that we have covered what mindfulness meditation is and how it helps to treat anxiety, we will be counting down our favourite tools and resources you can use to assist with your practice and further your journey into curing your anxiety.

8Essential Oil Diffuser

We have touched on the benefits of essential oils for anxiety in another article and how the oils can alone help with treating the symptoms of anxiety.  However when you combine the use of essential oil diffuser with your meditation practise, it can have a power effect.

We will touch on how the oils effect your body only briefly in this article, however if you are interested in learning more about the subject we encourage you to click on the link above.  In short, when specific essential oils are inhaled into the body, they have molecules that can have a calming effect on the mind and body.

This effect naturally complements mindfulness meditation by readying the body for your practice session and can assist in maintaining a calm and steady state of mind.


Also depending on the type of diffuser you choose for your practice, we find the low humming and noises of water droplets actually assist in the meditation practice by having a similar effect as white noise in the background.