The Whole Foods Diet Explained


1What is a whole food diet?

Whole foods seems to be a popular term been tossed around the dieting communities these days, so we at News Divided thought it would be good to delve into this concept to really find out what it is all about.

On the face of it, the concept of the whole foods diet sounds simple.

‘To replace all the processed foods that we consume throughout the day with as much unprocessed foods’ 

The theory is that unprocessed foods contain more nutrients for the body to use and less of the unhealthy stuff like all the numbers and chemicals listed in the ingredients on the back of the packaging.

So in theory this sounds easy – stop eating anything that is packaged and go to your local fruit and veg shop and grab a snack from there.  However many of the assumed easy choices can lead to a few questions, such as can you only eat organic? Or exactly which whole foods are good for you? Are they all good for you?